Dunbrik Triple 7 Panel Fittings

For use with Mini Clearflow Gas flue block system in timber framed houses

Triple 7 Panel Fittings have been designed to allow the Mini Clearflow gas flue block system to be installed within the inner leaf of a Timber Frame construction by using specially designed flanking blocks and fixing channels. The system is also suitable for other forms of modular build.

Prices are subject to haulage or collection charges and VAT and are valid for 30 days. Price lists in PDF format are on the download page.

Concrete Flue flanking blocks for timber framed houses (sizes in mm)

    Product/Code Weight kg Width Depth Coursing Height

Small flue flanking block
Code: P1D
7.3 170 100 225
Large flue flanking block
Code: P2D
10.4 245 100 225
Angled exit flanking block
Code: P3D
19.8 240 100 440
Top exit flanking block
Code: P4D
6.6 230 100 160
Recess unit flanking block
Code: P5D
7.2 90 100 450
Top sealing lintel
Code: P6D
7.5 767 100 60
Recess unit flanking block
Code: P7D
12 137 100 450
Steel U Channel 1250mm
3.6 75 105 -
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