Gas Flue Block System

Flue blocks UKCA marked from 18th June 2021.

Dunbrik Mini Clearflow Gas Flue Block System:
This is a neat efficient method of providing a flue in a new domestic dwelling. Gas fires suitable for “pre-cast flues” may be fitted. The outlet depends upon the house design. It is usually through twinwall flue pipe in the roof space to a ridge vent or to a gas terminal at eaves or through the roof slope.

The gas flue blocks are built into and bonded with house walling. This can be into the inner leaf blockwork of an external wall, into a party wall or partition wall.

The gas flue blocks are designed for ease of installation. The tongue and socket detail provide a tight concrete-to-concrete internal joint and an external compressive seal using special heat resistant sealant. The bonding nib has a 10mm cut-out for mortar jointing with the adjacent blockwork - this assists coursing.

Dunbrik Triple 7:
Gas flue block fittings for timber framed houses. The Triple 7 Panel fittings have been designed to allow the Mini Clearflow gas flue block system to be installed within the inner leaf of a Timber Frame construction by using specially designed flanking blocks and fixing channels. The system is also suitable for other forms of modular build.

The gas flue blocks are bonded with the special flanking blocks into the vertical steel U channels. This can be in the inner leaf blockwork of an external wall, a party wall or partition wall.

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